Dragons Light the Night: Share the excitement!

Watch Southlake Town Square come to life March 10, 2022 with the collective glow

of over two thousand paper lanterns placed in the Rustin Pavilion. 

Combined with the lanterns, six foot marquee letters spelling, “Dragons Light The Night,”

will light up Southlake Town Hall to create a dramatic display.


This event was born during the COVID uncertainly of the 2020-2021 school year,

and brought the community together in a new and powerful way.  


We are excited to expand Dragons Light the Night, with the participation

of all 11 CISD Campus Parent Teacher Organizations. 

Learn more about the 2022 event schedule


Enriching our School Community

Local Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) work along side the amazing teachers and administrators of CISD to ensure our students needs are met, and teachers have the supplies they need to enrich our students. 

From teacher conferences, campus landscaping and field trip buses, to student enrichment programs and online math tools, the work of the PTOs would not be possible without community sponsors. 

Learn more about becoming a sponsor.

Working with Other Dragons

Lanterns have long symbolized the idea of hope and the celebration of a New Year.  

For Dragons Light The Night students and community members who purchase lanterns will have the opportunity to decorate them as they wish to reflect their own unique take on being a Dragon and a member of the Southlake community.


This may include writing names, pictures, decorations, and personal messages on each lantern so that the collective display reflects how

 "Dragons Light the Night," together. 

Learn more about lanterns today.

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